Historical & contemporary stories from the
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Battery Point

Battery Point has a long and rich history. It contains many priceless heritage buildings and locations from a number of important periods in Tasmanian and Australian history.

But it is not just a historical precinct stuck in time. Rather, Battery Point is a dynamic, living village where people reside and work. The history of Battery Point is preserved because it is part of every day life, rediscovered and reinterpreted by each generation.

The short stories here give a taste of life in Battery Point from its place in the culture of the indigenous Muwinina people, through the earliest days of European settlement, and up until today.

You can find more wonderful stories of Battery Point people and places, past and present, at In Bobby’s Footsteps.

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Christmas Party 2021

19 December 2021/by Post Editor

A year of stories in images 2020

25 September 2020/by Post Editor

Giving a Figg

11 February 2021/by Post Editor

Colville Cottage

7 April 2019/by Post Editor

Renewal at Henslowe Park

13 September 2022/by Post Editor

Autumn Get Together 2021

12 April 2021/by Post Editor

Memories of the Methodist Mission

4 June 2020/by Post Editor

Plaques – Battery Point places

15 December 2021/by Post Editor

Greetings from a 2019 community party

12 December 2019/by Post Editor

Life in Battery Point in the 1970s

5 September 2017/by Post Editor

Dogs’ Christmas Party 2023

8 December 2023/by Post Editor

Trivia Quiz 2023

27 April 2023/by Post Editor

Fast Eddie

25 August 2021/by Post Editor

Christmas Party 2022

15 December 2022/by Post Editor

A lick of Paint

9 February 2018/by Post Editor

Book Fair 2021

30 June 2021/by Post Editor

Dogs’ Christmas Party 2020

13 December 2020/by Post Editor

No one famous ever lived here

15 April 2022/by Post Editor

Photographic Competition 2023

8 May 2023/by Post Editor

Perspectives 2021

28 September 2021/by Post Editor

A Battery Point Kid

7 January 2019/by Post Editor

St George’s Rectory

10 February 2019/by Post Editor

A remarkable convict’s landmark

15 February 2020/by Post Editor

Local Sagas: A Corner of Old Battery Point

28 March 2024/by Post Editor

42 Kelly Street: Tiny reflections

27 October 2017/by Post Editor

Memories of a Battery Point Boy

30 November 2021/by Post Editor

Halloween 2021

18 November 2021/by Post Editor

From our balcony

19 May 2020/by Post Editor

About a Mile From Hobart Town

22 October 2019/by Post Editor

Living & sharing accommodation

30 April 2018/by Post Editor

Taieri – Making good while making babies

22 June 2016/by Post Editor

The White House

3 July 2016/by Post Editor

Trivia Quiz Night 2024

25 April 2024/by Post Editor

Ben Beames – Battery Point Iron Man

2 December 2016/by Post Editor

The Wild Goose Flies Again

22 February 2024/by Post Editor

Mariners’ Cottages

6 May 2017/by Post Editor

Backyard Slipyard

9 February 2022/by Post Editor

Sketches by Albuera Street School students

23 September 2020/by Post Editor

Things we know to be true

5 October 2023/by Post Editor

Street Lighting in Battery Point

1 June 2020/by Post Editor

A taste of Mozart

3 May 2020/by Post Editor

Photographic Competition 2024

25 April 2024/by Post Editor

Halloween 2020

14 November 2020/by Post Editor

In Partnership with the People

6 April 2019/by Post Editor

A story of potatoes and passers by

30 March 2016/by Post Editor

Murder on the Tassie Tourist Train

13 November 2021/by Post Editor

Death on the Appymiafasansea

19 November 2023/by Post Editor

Number 1 Sloane Street

26 May 2019/by Post Editor

Burhunt Treasures

20 April 2022/by Post Editor

Second Hand Book Fair 2023

12 September 2023/by Post Editor

Street sketches old & new

29 July 2020/by Post Editor

The two little girls in our attic

11 August 2018/by Post Editor

Jenny’s house

23 October 2017/by Post Editor

Kathy Rundle Life Membership

5 October 2023/by Post Editor

Dead Man’s Hand on Battery Point!

27 March 2018/by Post Editor

Potholes in South Street

4 February 2018/by Post Editor

Photographic Competition 2022

28 April 2022/by Post Editor

The Sunrise Project

25 January 2021/by Post Editor

Bob and Tom’s Garage

18 November 2020/by Post Editor

High Tea September 2021

23 September 2021/by Post Editor

Understanding the Association’s logo

26 November 2020/by Post Editor

The Foster 10

3 December 2016/by Post Editor

A classic racer comes home

21 February 2017/by Post Editor

Sonata in E Minor

10 June 2020/by Post Editor

A Battery Point Childhood

18 August 2019/by Post Editor

Inspires us to create

24 September 2022/by Post Editor

Antique Memories

23 August 2021/by Post Editor

A year of stories in images 2021

30 September 2021/by Post Editor

A vision in the front window

21 February 2017/by Post Editor

Book Fair hits the mark again!

28 July 2022/by Post Editor

Bernicé’s street garden

21 February 2017/by Post Editor

Historic fisheries research centre

1 September 2017/by Post Editor

George Deas Brown AM

21 July 2020/by Post Editor

Battery Point Street Sketches

24 May 2020/by Post Editor

Afternoon at Narryna

18 October 2021/by Post Editor

Spring Get Together 2023

15 October 2023/by Post Editor

Coming home to Battery Point

13 September 2020/by Post Editor

Spring Get Together 2022

14 October 2022/by Post Editor

History of the Community Centre

2 June 2020/by Post Editor

The mother of Battery Point

26 September 2017/by Post Editor

Dogs’ Christmas Party 2021

22 December 2021/by Post Editor

Dogs’ Christmas Party 2019 A Great Day

13 December 2019/by Post Editor

Christmas Party 2023

15 December 2023/by Post Editor

Reflections old and new
on life in Battery Point

Voices of Battery Point

Voices of Battery Point is a series of reflections on life in our dynamic, living village at the heart of Hobart.

The participants range from Freddie, all of 10 years old, to Bill, still young in his 80s. Most are current long term residents, some lived here in the past, and others are new to the community from overseas.

All have fascinating and engaging insights about their life in Battery Point.

Stories of Battery Point from

Extraordinary Times 2020

Stories from Extraordinary Times 2020 is a series of anecdotes, reflections and amusements on life and experiences under COVID-19 in text, photos, videos and drawings.

They are sometimes funny or thoughtful, but always reflect our community, its residents and our physical environment. The stories support community interaction in times of physical distancing, help with individual wellbeing by adding local interest to our online wanderings, and form a significant historical record of resilience in the face of unique challenges.

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