• Wild Goose Flies Again

The Wild Goose Flies Again

This story is by Battery Point resident Kathy Rundle. It includes documents and photos from the reunion event (2024) and private collections.

The Wild Goose Folk Club operated in a converted convict-built shop at 49 Hampden Road, Battery Point from 1964 to around 1967. The ‘Goose’, as it was affectionately known, was a relaxed venue for local and visiting musicians to perform as well as a cheerful gathering place for a wide range of folk enthusiasts who came to listen, stomp, clap and drink Turkish coffee. A small stage big enough for four or five performers was built. As a seventeen- and eighteen-year-old, I loved the music and the vibe. Poetry and plays were performed but the music was the thing. It was an exciting and formative period in the lives of many young musicians and their enthusiastic followers.

Terry Eastman and Don Adolfo

  • Terry Sings

Terry sings to nieces and nephews 1964

Terry loved the audiences singing along at The Wild Goose. He especially loved to see the kids’ eyes light up when he sang some easy to sing ballads!

The founding Wild Goose trio were Terry Eastman, originally from Bruny Island and later Vancouver; Austrian Don Aldofo who taught himself guitar at seventeen and became involved in performing and teaching guitar; and Ken Wade who arrived in Tasmania from New York in 1963. Ken’s art works graced the black walls of the Goose and he had a retrospective of his work in NYC in 2023 that included ‘Goose’ images. Adolfo has a Spanish National Award for his contribution to music and languages.

  • Terry Eastman, Don Adolfo & Ken Wade 2024

Terry Eastman, Ken Ward and Don Adolfo

Terry Eastman, who went on to a successful career in Vancouver, married a Tasmanian and returned for a significant birthday in 2024. He became inspired to convene a ‘Wild Goose Reunion’ as, by chance, Adolfo and Ken were also in Tasmania this January.

Since the Goose was demolished as part of the Prince of Wales redevelopment in the later 1960s, St Georges Church afforded a great venue for the Reunion Concert. Prince of Wales Hotel offered sponsorship and the support of many old folkies made it a great event. People in the audience and on stage mentioned how community-focused St George’s parish is and how special the concert experience was in the beautiful church and gardens.

A wall stub is all that
remains of the original building

Original building remains
Media Release Folk Federation
  • Wild Goose Reunion 2024, Don Adolfo, Terry Eastman & Ken Wade

Don Adolfo, Terry Eastman and Ken Ward

Some of the other musicians of the era who joined in the event were Ian Beecroft (Croft), Gerry Balding, Ian Pearce, Brian Bennett, Howard Eynon and Jo Beams. Jo and her guitar travelled down from northern New South Wales. Patsy Biscoe sent her warm wishes. The concert was a great celebration of a high point in the life of Battery Point.

Some concert excepts

The Angels Laid Him Away

Blowing in the Wind

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