Christmas Party 2023

The 2023 Battery Point Community Association Christmas Party took place on a beautiful sunny Sunday afternoon in Henslowe Park. The park looked lovely, thanks largely to the ongoing care and attention given to it by community members Melanie and David Rowe. The tables were festooned with colourful decorations and covered with plates of enticing nibbles. The Jones’s pavlovas were a culinary highlight as always.

About 130 people attended the event and it was wonderful to see many new faces, as well as long-standing community members, enjoying each other’s company as they sampled the delicious food and drink. It was also gratifying to see lots of kids joining in the festivities with the older residents. Children are important members of our community and always enrich and enliven our events.

President Charles Morgan warmly welcomed the guests and acknowledged the generous Hobart City grant that supported the Christmas Party. He paid special tribute to the outstanding work of the social committee members who managed the event: Jenny Cranston, Eve Morris, Carol Mackel, Marilyn Jones and Marylouise Brammer. He also thanked Neil Cranston, Rundi Larsen, Trevor Graham, Nicky McGibben, Peter Jones and David Rowe who set things up and took them down.

As is fast becoming a tradition at community events, 10 year old Battery Point resident James contributed a joke.

Why was Santa’s helper sad?
Because he had low elf esteem.

During his speech, Charles recognised the birthdays of two illustrious community members: the much-loved Angelo Fraraccio who turned 60, and the still sprightly Judith Kerr who turned 95! To celebrate the occasion, the crowd joined in two lively versions of ‘Happy Birthday’.

The full version of Charles’ speech is below.

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