Photographic Competition 2022

On Saturday 19 and Sunday 20 March 2022 members of the Battery Point community came together to judge the inaugural Battery Point Community Photographic Competition.

Ninety eight photographs had been submitted, all touching on a wide cross-section of the people, landscape, natural world, and community of Battery Point. Many styles were represented from intimate family shots to carefully stylised compositions capturing rich and unusual textures.

The winners were chosen by people’s choice followed by a well attended awards ceremony on the Sunday evening.

Anne Reed achieved first place with a beautiful and ethereal photograph of Hampden Road in the mist.

Marylouise Brammer took second place with a charming image of some of the village’s best known canine residents.

Third place went to James Reid with his exploration of geometry and atmosphere looking across the Derwent River.

The community also awarded commendations to Ken Ridgeway for a rich and detailed depiction of character, Peter Wallace for a colourful and quirky exploration of our built environment, and Holly Miller for capturing spectacular fireworks framing the spire of St George’s Church.

You are invited to explore the entries below. Please note that the photographs were submitted in printed form. To add them to the website, some have been scanned rather than using the digital originals. This process necessarily reduces some vibrancy and detail but the true artistry and wonderful creative spirit of the entrants remains.

If you were an entrant and we have used a scanned version of your photograph, we would very much like to replace it with its digital original. Please contact us so we can use the best possible representation of your work. Also, some photographs were collected by their owners before they could be scanned. If your photograph is missing from this record, we would appreciate you contacting us so we can add your marvellous contribution to the story.

Copyright to the photographs included in this story remains strictly with their creators. Their publication on this website does not imply that the images are in the public domain or provide permission to use the images for any other purpose without the express written permission of the copyright holder. If you would like to arrange the right to use any of the images, the Battery Point Community Association is willing to attempt to pass on your contact details to the creator. Contact us here.