Secondhand Book Fair 2021

On 26 June 2021, the Association held its first secondhand book fair.

It was a great success.

Special thanks go to all the community members who donated books, disks and puzzles, and, of course, to all those who turned up on the day to purchase some amazing reading materials.

There was a wonderful team working on the project, ably led by Pam. She was assisted by Gay, Len and Jocelyn, and by the members of the Committee and the community who helped with setting up and taking down the fair.

We also have to mention the front desk team. Gay measured the books on the Nellie the amazing ruler, and our intrepid President, Charles, triumphed over the credit card technology.

All in all it was a wonderful fun day where people from the Battery Point and wider Hobart communities could come together to share their love of good books and gather some winter reading.

Below is a short video about the fair.