Radio Play 2023The actors warm up in the Green RoomThe wine is for the voice you know
Radio Play 2023Len and Gay prepare for the performanceThe tension is high
Radio Play 2023The heart of the playBilly-Bob Bates and Fanny Fisher-Fotheringthwaite
develop their relationship to the disapproval of Philomena
and amusement of Surely Shirley and Dolly
Radio Play 2023A moment of high tension in the actionThe audience gasps
Radio Play 2023The actors take a bowNew careers beckon
Radio Play 2023Audience members ponder their answers to the quizThe noise of thinking was deafening
Radio Play 2023The audience tries to answer the quizTriumph and despair
Radio Play 2023The audience unwinds after the showA night to remember
Radio Play 2023Distinguished Battery Point residentsExpress approval at the show

Death on the Appymiafasansea

On 15 November 2023, a large and appreciative audience attended the world premiere of Gay Duffield’s latest radio play, Death on the Appymiafasansea. The play’s title was a mystery to all, including those who tried to pronounce it! The performance was a follow up to Gay’s two previous works, Battering at Battery Point and Death on the Tassie Tourist Train.

Music maestro Len Spaans put together some spectacular sound effects and compiled a challenging set of songs in the music quiz that accompanied the play.

The actors played their roles brilliantly and had the audience on the edge of their seats as the good ship Appymniafasansea meandered its way toward Antarctica via Invercargill! A death-defying scream toward the end of the play signalled the gruesome murder of the ship’s captain. It was up to Super Sleuth Surely Shirley, supported by her companion Dolly Bird, to identify the culprit.

Only one member of the audience correctly identified the murderer. It was Roy, the ahoy look-out boy up the mast, who unwittingly did the deed by dropping his scissors from above and hitting the captain ‘fair and square’ in the sternum!

A great night was had by all, and we all left wondering if Gay and Len might have another shocking murder mystery in the pipeline with which to dazzle and traumatise a Battery Point audience.

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