Association logo

Understanding the Association’s logo

In 2016, the Battery Point Community Association adopted a new logo. This was a small part of modernising the Association, including a new constitution, name, and fresh website, while respecting and building on the decades of work that had gone before.

The iconography of the image to the left of the logo evokes the rounded belfry atop the steeple of St George’s church as the most prominent landmark of Battery Point, and the classical columns of Georgian architecture, specifically a double pediment atop pilasters.

The two columns represent the foundational concepts of place and purpose, connected by the arch to show that they only stand strong when joined together. This is then made explicit in the typography, identifying Battery Point as the place and Community as the purpose.

In this way, the logo also alludes to the three elements of social capital: social infrastructure, social networks, and the social compact that binds them together into a working whole.

The typography is simple and clean to show clarity of purpose, and in a serif font that combines a modern aesthetic with a traditional touch.

The green of the logo is a reference to our extensive and lovely gardens and parks. It also alludes to the idea that Battery Point is a living village, not a museum frozen in time.

So, the next time you see the logo, you can be reminded of what the Association attempts to achieve.