Dogs’ Christmas Party 2020

2020 has been a stressful year for dogs.

Families home all the time interfering with important puppy business. Endless discussions about “being in this together”, “the r number” and “extraordinary times”, and simply not enough debate about the needs of dogs and how best to meet them.

No barbecues with lots of visitors who don’t know the outrageous and patently unfair family rule about not sharing sausages.

And don’t get us started on social distancing. All very well for humans but think of the dogs. Large groups of people chatting together is perfect for dogs to get in some good quality sniffing and dancing here and there. Hopelessly tangling leads or wrapped them around legs is a time honoured tradition and source of endless amusement for a sophisticated dog, but just isn’t as much fun if there are only two people in the group.

Think of the dogs!

At least, with the easing of restrictions, the Battery Point Community Association is still considering our needs.

Over forty of our attending humans gathered in Princess Park on 3 December 2020 for our annual community knees-up (or, more properly, nose-down). The sun was shining, the grass was soft, and the treats were very fine.

They did think of the dogs. Well done.

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