Renewal at Henslowe Park

Battery Point is not a museum. It changes as people come and go from the community. The built environment evolves as buildings are refreshed, restored and enhanced, businesses flourish, and gardens and other public places mature.

Henslowe Park, as part of the Community Centre, is a much loved small public space used for recreation and functions. It helps keep the memory of Ms Henslowe, a stalwart of the Battery Point community for over 50 years.

In September 2022, volunteers from the Battery Point Community Association, including David and Melanie Rowe, Marilyn Jones, Fiona Inch, Carol Mackel, Eve Morris, Mary Louise Brammer, and Julian Coomer (from TreesRUS) came together to give the park a refresh. Brett Bamford from the HCC and Lord Mayor Anna Reynolds assisted with the tree contributions. Garden beds were weeded, existing plants pruned, and new trees added to what is already a lovely public resource for the Battery Point community.

Public green spaces are important to an inner city village such as Battery Point.

The hard work of the community helps ensure that Henslowe Park will be enjoyed for many more generations to come.

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You can read more about Ms Henslowe’s life here, and see fascinating photographs and records from her wonderful long term Battery Point residence – Burhunt – in this story.