Gay’s golf and bowls

We had watched a few movies, been for walks, cleaned the house to an inch of its life and the garden looked lovely. We weren’t sure what to do next to occupy ourselves.

Hubby said to me, ‘Let’s play golf.’ Hubby used to play at least once a week. But a golfer I am not. I haven’t played golf since my twenties, a few years ago now.

Being a good little wifey, I said, ’OK.’

We started off with just nine holes. Needless to say, I was rubbish. I ended up in the rough more times than I care to mention and many times out of bounds. Hubby just played on, with many pars and a few bogeys, whatever that means. I sort of enjoyed the game but kept telling myself that practice makes perfect.

We played again the next day. I can tell you that practice didn’t make perfect. I achieved a few double and triple bogeys, which sounds good, but I think it really means that I am as rubbish at golf as I thought. So, I suggested that we should try something completely different the following day – something I might be better at – and said, ‘How about ten pin bowling?’

Reluctantly hubby agreed. Neither of us had bowled since we were teenagers. The first time we played ten pin bowling, there were lads at the end of the lanes replacing the pins!

We had a lot of fun. We both won a few games, even achieved a few ‘strikes’. Fortunately, the lanes had automatic scoring as neither of us knew how to score. There were lot of laughs, ‘Ahs!’ and ‘Oohs!’.

Now we are feeling a lot fitter and rather cocky with ourselves but have not decided what to try next. Maybe skateboarding. How difficult could that possibly be? Children do it!

I am sure we can find it on our Nintendo Wii.

Contributed by Gay