Vale Bill Foster

The Association respectfully acknowledges the recent passing of one of its most distinguished citizens.

Bill Foster was born in Battery Point and lived most of his life in the suburb. His contribution to the community was immeasurable. He loved Battery Point for its unique history, the distinctive beauty of its built and natural environment, and the diverse group of people who make up the community. He was a great ambassador for the suburb.

As a master craftsman, Bill leaves behind an important legacy – not only in the magnificent yachts he constructed and helped restore, but also in the knowledge and skills he passed on to future generations of Tasmanian boatbuilders.

A true ‘Renaissance man’, Bill’s impressive intellect, wisdom and generosity of spirit enriched all those who knew him.

Bill’s beautifully written memoir of his life in Battery Point, entitled A Battery Point Kid, is a document of national significance. We are grateful that he gave us permission to include extracts from it on the Association’s website for all to enjoy.

In ‘Voices of Battery Point’, he can be seen talking about his early life in the suburb.

A story about the Foster 10, a beautiful sailing dinghy designed and built by Bill for his daughter Helen, also appears on the site.

Bill Foster