e-Scooters Call for Feedback

We have received considerable feedback from community members about the arrival of e-scooters in Battery Point. The Association has communicated with the HCC’s Manager (Smart and Sustainable city) about a number of issues that have been raised, including the impacts on:

  • residential amenity
  • the aesthetic, heritage and cultural values of Battery Point
  • visitors and tourists
  • public safety.

We have been advised that ‘e-scooter parking locations are only stored as virtual locations on a map. Hence it is quite simple to move the preferred parking locations if community concern requires it, and the operators would then places scooters in another, more suitable nearby location. The city is able to act quickly during the trial to change elements of it to meet community safety concerns.

The Committee would appreciate receiving feedback from residents and businesses about the trial, which is scheduled to run for 12 months. Please send your comments using the website Contact page or communicate directly with a Committee member. You might consider responding to the following questions:

  • Do you support the placement of e-scooters in Battery Point?
  • If yes, where would you suggest they be placed?
  • Are there streets / areas (e.g. footpaths, parks) where e-scooters should not be placed?
  • Are there streets / areas where e-scooters should not be ridden?
  • What other comments would you like to make about the introduction of e-scooters to Battery Point?

You are also invited to add your comments to the HCC and the e-scooter companies on a feedback form located here.

When we have collated your feedback, we will present it to those in authority and invite them to attend a community meeting.