Call to Battery Point gardeners

Local member and fledgling gardener Katrina Schlunke is putting out a call to residents interested in joining a network to share ideas and learn from each other as they undertake their gardening adventures. Her thoughts are below.

Battery Point is home to a huge variety of gardens. Some devoted to food production, some to native plants and others to finely curated exotics. There is an equal variety in gardeners. Some of us woke up after full-time work and realised we had really wanted to garden our whole life, others of us have a profound appreciation of the history and botany of gardens and yet others of us are so damn proud to have finally got some seasonal colour going from those bargain seedlings we picked up somewhere! No matter how we understand ourselves as gardeners; occasional, dedicated or somewhere in-between, we will learn something from each other, no matter how small or large.

I am calling for interested Battery Point gardeners to contact me with a view to:

  1. Organising a limited visit to each other’s gardens to learn from each other. This would take the form of a two hour look over with a willingness from the gardener to discuss an aspect of their garden.
  2. Sharing hints on what works in this location and therefore knowledge of soil, aspect and the botanical history of Battery Point.
  3. Supporting each other’s gardening adventures through being a part of a loose network of folk who care, in diverse ways, about such things.

Please let me know if you are interested!

Katrina Schlunke