Autumn Get Together Success

On Sunday 10 April, the Battery Point Community Association held its first major event in over a year. The Autumn Get Together was a great success with community members of all ages coming out in force on a rainy day to enjoy each other’s company.

Thanks go to the social committee – Jenny Cranston, Marilyn Jones, Carol Mackel, Sarah Oxbrough, Pam Powell and Chris Walsh who organised and managed the get together – and master chef Alistair Oxbrough who barbecued the sausages. The feast was topped off by delectable pavlovas provided by Peter and Marilyn Jones.

We were delighted to welcome a number of new members to the Association and look forward to their active participation in community activities in the future.

We would like to thank Andrew Wilkie’s office for photocopying the invitations and express our deep appreciation to Angelo Fraraccio for his ongoing, outstanding support for the community.

You can view a short video story and slideshow about the event.