HCC CEO Meeting June 2024

At our bi-monthly meeting with General Manager Michael Stretton, a number of matters were discussed:

  1. LAMP: The Montpelier Retreat development will be scoped in the next calendar year.
  2. Hampden Road: Development remains a ‘high priority’ but will take place in the future. Details and a start date are uncertain.
  3. Parking: Council is investigating the possibility of trialling a consistent parking time (e.g. 2 or 3 hours) in the central area of Battery Point. This would result in a reduction of the number of parking signs and a more consistent message about parking restrictions.
  4. E-scooters: Because of changes in HCC personnel, there is nothing to report on e-scooters. We are advised that plans will be discussed with the Association and community members in due course. In the interim, members are encouraged to contact Council when they see inappropriate parking and / or usage of e-scooters (coh@hobartcity.com.au).
  5. Battery Point Walkway: An updated plan has been developed for the walkway. Community consultation will occur in coming weeks