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Battery Point

Battery Point has a long and rich history. It contains many priceless heritage buildings and locations from a number of important periods in Tasmanian and Australian history.

But it is not just a historical precinct stuck in time. Rather, Battery Point is a dynamic, living village where people reside and work. The history of Battery Point is preserved because it is part of every day life, rediscovered and reinterpreted by each generation.

The short stories here give a taste of life in Battery Point from its place in the culture of the indigenous Muwinina people, through the earliest days of European settlement, and up until today.

You can find more wonderful stories of Battery Point people and places, past and present, at In Bobby’s Footsteps.

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Reflections old and new
on life in Battery Point

Voices of Battery Point

Voices of Battery Point is a series of reflections on life in our dynamic, living village at the heart of Hobart.

The participants range from Freddie, all of 10 years old, to Bill, still young in his 80s. Most are current long term residents, some lived here in the past, and others are new to the community from overseas.

All have fascinating and engaging insights about their life in Battery Point.

Stories of Battery Point from

Extraordinary Times 2020

Stories from Extraordinary Times 2020 is a series of anecdotes, reflections and amusements on life and experiences under COVID-19 in text, photos, videos and drawings.

They are sometimes funny or thoughtful, but always reflect our community, its residents and our physical environment. The stories support community interaction in times of physical distancing, help with individual wellbeing by adding local interest to our online wanderings, and form a significant historical record of resilience in the face of unique challenges.

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